Philadelphia Soccer Club Teams

Philadelphia Soccer Club 2017/2018 Travel Teams

Name Coach Schedule
PSC 03 Force Steve Zanetich  Schedule
PSC 05 Freedom Dan Ryan  Schedule
PSC 07 Rage Joseph Allegra  Schedule
PSC 08 Lightning Kevin Hart  Schedule
PSC 09 Wild Fire Michele Wynn  Schedule
PSC 10 Blast Brigid Sullivan Kelley  Schedule
PSC Women Celeste Augustin  Schedule
PSC 11 Hurricanes Girls Mike Tuffour  Schedule
PSC 10 United Girls Darius Gbunblee  Schedule
PSC 11 Storm Chris McKenna  Schedule
Name Coach Schedule
PSC 10 Pythons Sean Decker  Schedule
PSC 09 Sting Kenneth Hartzell  Schedule
PSC 08 Crusaders Nico Posada  Schedule
PSC 08 Rising Stars Mike Tuffour  Schedule
PSC 07 Outlaws Marc Donohue  Schedule
PSC 04 Elite Siafa Dempster  Schedule
PSC 11 Young Bucks United White TJ McAdams  Schedule
PSC 11 Young Bucks United Blue TJ McAdams  Schedule
PSC 10 Galaxy Boys Addison Reyes  Schedule
PSC 08 Bhoys  Schedule
Name Coach Schedule
PSC Coppa 09 Dynamo Kim  Schedule
PSC Coppa 08 Jr Chaos Chris McKenna  Schedule
PSC Coppa 07 Young Guns Jason Stearn  Schedule
PSC Coppa 06 Falcons Mike Whalen  Schedule
PSC Coppa 05 Fury Christian Pembroke  Schedule
PSC Coppa 04 Gunners Tennille Nungesser  Schedule
PSC Coppa 03 Joe Reteneller  Schedule
PSC Coppa 02 Flash Greg Ogden  Schedule
Name Coach Schedule
PSC Coppa 09 Valkyries Stephen Dingas  Schedule
PSC Coppa 08 Express Dennis Sullivan  Schedule
PSC Coppa 07 Kevin Sullivan  Schedule
PSC Coppa 06 Elite Chelsea Czarnik  Schedule
PSC Coppa 05 Rage Colleen DeGeorge  Schedule
PSC Coppa 04 Swarm Charlie Ritter  Schedule
PSC Coppa 03 Venom Colleen DeGeorge  Schedule
PSC Coppa 01 Blue Storm Tom Haughey  Schedule
PSC Coppa 00 Falcons Krissy Florentino  Schedule
Name Coach Schedule
PSC Future U23 Hector Romero  Schedule
PSC Future U20 Hector Romero  Schedule

Please Note That Once A Player Is Offered A Spot On A Team And Completes The Registration Process, There Will Be No Refunds


Name Owner Schedule
Winter Program Chris McKenna  Schedule
Spring Program Chris McKenna  Schedule